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About Miniature Pigs


Miniature pigs have gained popularity for a number of reasons. They make amazing pets because of their intelligence and because they are so affectionate. Miniature pigs are quite clean and have very few health problems. They can be trained to use a litter box or go to the toilet outdoors. Pigs are the 4th smartest animal. They are sharp creatures and learn quickly. They are non-allergenic, do not shed and are not likely to get fleas. They love to play and usually get along great with other pets. They are great with children and make remarkable pets when given the proper love and attention.


When you first bring home your mini pig, take him or her to the vet for a piggy well check. After that, take your piggy to the vet for annual checks, vaccinations and tusk trimmings. A simple dog harness will work for taking your mini pig on a stroll in the park or around the block every day to prevent obesity and have some bonding time with your mini pig. Pigs tend to get dry skin so applying baby lotion is recommended. To protect from fleas, ticks, mites and worms use IVOMEC.


For tiny pigs this size it is very important not to over feed. We provide the proper nutrition and quality vet care for our pigs. We do not inbreed or under feed our pigs to get their small size. Our babies are started off and fed a nutritionally complete balanced diet of oatmeal and mini youth piggie food. As babies, we also give them yogurt. When they are ready for their new homes you will need to have a complete mini pig food and treats on hand. As the weeks go by you can start introducing them to veggies and fruits. These little piggies are very tiny and do not require much food. When you first get your new baby, only give 1/4 cup of piggie food in the morning and 1/4 cup in the evening. In between feedings they can have some veggies and fruits. Your piggie will require fresh water at all times. Never feed your pig dog or cat food!

Bringing Home Your Pet Pig

Bringing home your new baby pig will be very exciting and a new adventure filled with lot of curiosity. When you bring home your new baby, he/she may be a little scared since everything is new to them. Just hold your baby close and cuddle while talking to them in a calm voice. Your baby should settle right in and come to love its new home and family. It is good to hold your baby and let them eat treats and piggie food from your hands for some quality bonding. Your new baby will come to love and trust you more every day. You should provide your new baby with a nice comfy bed along with fuzzy blankets. They love to snuggle up and cover themselves in soft blankets. It is advisable to have an exercise or play pen for your little piggie while you are away instead of letting them roam freely in the house. Pigs are naturally curious creatures and will enjoy investigating their new surroundings. You should take care and remove any small or lightweight items you do not wish relocated without your knowledge.

My Pet Piggy Buyers Guide

This is a document that My Pet Piggy has created. The buyers guide is given to every one of our customers at their innitial purchase. It is loaded with great information and could answer alot of questions that you may have.