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You've got questions? We've got answers!

Do pigs get along well with other animals?

Yes, pigs are very social, non-aggressive animals when raised as pets. Most animals don't feel threatened by them and are very welcoming. There also very good with children and infants.

How big do pigs get?

Adults range from 20-65 lbs. as adults, and 11-14 inches at shoulder. Depending on which parents you get them from we will be able to give you an estimated adult weight. However, this is based on the new owner feeding by recommended guidelines, and not allowing the pig to have table scraps or have access to dog/cat food.

How long do pigs live?

Pigs have an average lifespan of 15-20 years. Some will live longer than that.

At what age are pigs considered full grown?

A pig's growth plates are closed by the age of 2. But the theory that the pig "keeps growing" depends on how it is fed. Genetics do play a HUGE role, but do understand that even a full grown pig can get's how. Picture 2 slabs of bacon--the first one 1 inch thick, the second one 6 inches thick. Bacon is the fat layer under the skin of a pig. A healthy weight pig might have an inch of fat (bacon), and an overweight pig might have a 6 inch layer....well, 6 inches added to the frame of a pig is going to make it appear 6 inches taller, 6 inches wider, 6 inches ALL THE WAY your pig IS bigger. This is why it is so important to feed the correct amount and type of food that is recommended...BY NO means is your pig going to be skinny.

Can people with allergies have pigs as pets?

Pigs can be considered hypoallergenic. The do not shed and do not have "dander" as cats, dogs and other animals wearing fur. Pigs have hair and not fur. As pigs are considered biologically very close to humans, a person prone to various allergies would not be any more allergic to a pig than to another person.

How do you train a pig?

Pigs are very smart, they are included among the world's smartest animals alongside apes, whales, dolphins, and elephants. They learn very quickly and can be trained in the same manner in which you would train a puppy. They can also be sent to obedience school.

Do pigs stink?

Despite the popular misconception of bathing in mud and being smelly...pigs are very clean! They do not have sweat glands, so they cannot sweat, and are practically odor free. An unaltered male (boar) has an odor, not unlike like a ferret due to scent glands if it is not nueterd.

Do pigs squeal all of the time?

When piglets are changing homes, they do squeal when being picked up due to fright. We give a simple step by step guide to socializing them with your family.

They might also squeal when first introduced to their baths, but they get used to it, and then actually begin to enjoy the fun. When they are not frightened, they are overall quiet animals. Much more pleasant than a barking dog, we guarantee! Pigs don't like to be carried around unless they are wrapped snugly in a blanket, they have a fear of falling when they are just held in mid-air. But when supported, they are quiet. They are extremely affectionate animals and prefer following closely behind you AS YOU WALK AROUND, and snuggling on your lap or chest when you are sitting down.